Anti-tuning Remaps

99% of all vehicles can be enhanced to gain more power, fuel efficiency and increased torque on stock parts. There are different engine control units can not be remapped because the vehicle has “Tuning protection” or the ECU itself is “Locked” this will require in some very minor cases for the Ecu to be backed up fully which a copy is made available for you the customer to keep with your vehicle.

We at Dynogen Remapping do have a secure and reliable resolution for programming these ECUs, this can be via a Bootloader technique as pictured higher than but 99/100 will be possible via the obd port in some minor cases involves the removal of the ECU from the vehicle and the reading and writing of the tricoteuse processor directly. these ECUs were introduced first with none protection (pre 2009), 50% of Ecu’s produced after 2009 are usually locked via the obd and only limited number of tuning software company’s reprogram the Ecu via the OBD due to this.


Dyno Genre Remapping supplies an entire peace of mind package. All work administered comes with a seven-day reimbursement guarantee simply encase you’re not absolutely glad, and a lifetime guarantee on all SLT remapping software/files installed. So you can rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands.