Remap My VW Golf in Hindley

Are you looking to have your VW Golf Remapped in Hindley?

Dynogen Remaps are the leaders in the car remapping service across the whole of the North West, with the ability to remap most cars and vans to provide a variation of custom economy and power mapping options.

What is Remapping?

When a vehicle is manufactured, the engines computer (ECU) is programmed to work across the world, which means many factors such as fuel quality, average ambient temperatures, different humidities, elevations (affecting air density) and many other contributing factors that the manufactures have to make assumptions for and therefore find an happy-medium to ensure the vehicle runs in all circumstances.

When we remap your VW Golf, we are able to anticipate what fuel qualities we can expect in the UK, amongst other variables that allows us to re-adapt the ECU to make the car run more efficiently for the UK market. Whilst we are doing this, we are also able to improve the power and torque that your engine delivers by adjusting many variables that make the engine operate.

If you would like Dynogen to remap your VW Golf, please free to contact us anytime on: 07946 887887 or fill in our Car Remap Form for a FREE quotation and availability


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