Here we have a customer that came to us with their Range Rover tdv8 suffering from limp mode/restricted performance we began by running a diagnostic scan using our in house dealer level diagnostic software and it came back with mass air flow correlation to manifold absolute pressure indicating that the readings where out of range one of these sensors being the MAF measures volumetric air intake by using a hot film mass as the air passes through it cools the Filament and sends the signal to ECU to then cross reference with the milligrams of fuel to add to the cylinder on the MAP sensor side that works via barometric pressure and again the ECU uses this to regulate BOOST and internal pressure. So in this case where we had correlation issues it was then we tested the MAF and reset the maf values and also re calibrated, we then checked the MAP sensors located on the outlet boost pipes and on the manifold top for any obstruction as these usually fail due to carbonisation (can be cleaned using electrical contact cleaner) we then re tested again to find the issue still there this then pointed towards testing the boost pressure side for leaks !! We carried out a smoke test and found the slightest vapour escape from the top manifold boost pipe right rear it had a small airline fracture that was not visible. We removed and cleaned the area and then installed a new rubber boost pipe at the cost of £17.00 UK each at Land Rover. And tested again to find the vehicle then ran fault free and the owner says drives better than it ever has and they have owned it since new. We then carried out a full service including the automatic transmission, we then re tuned the vehicle for more power as these can be quit thirsty to run as you are pulling two tons plus of weight and then having to be heavy footed which means more fuel to get any where. We refined the fuel trims and increased the boost and torque by 15% and 17% we find this the perfect combination for successful fuel saving in large applications. for any more information or you would like to join our tuning team and start your own tuning franchise please feel free to contact us. Our file prices start from £50.00 each we cover all tuning and all options including pops and bangs, overrun, flames, all stages of performance tuning, tcu tuning and more you can contact us via this website or Facebook www.facebook.com/dynogenremapping or telephone 📞 07946887887 📞 +44946887887

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