Remapping benefits good or bad I hear you ask

Well to start with a basic explanation it is this. Your average vehicle production company will make a vehicle and sell on mass production, you may have only been able financially to afford the base model for example 100bhp and the best model up at 170bhp screams premium !! What you may not understand is in most cases this 100bhp vehicle and the 170bhp will usually share the same engine and also control unit !!! Yes that’s correct the same engine, the same running gear (gearbox) and in the end apart from the dramatic price hike the same everything apart from the advances that are made with in the vehicles engine control unit.

We answer a lot of questions asking about efficiency tuning and more miles per gallon and our answer stays the same. Yes it is easily obtainable to produce better miles per gallon with the correct remapping company. If you visit a company with experience and that offer true tuning options !! Not your local Remapper that offers generic files that are not bespoke to your vehicles control software.

There are many benefits to be had, better acceleration response will equal more safer over taking on the bypass or carriageway motorway etc.

Better torque increase will also allow you to pull more weight safely and without the adverse effect of labouring the vehicles engine and output power.

If you would like to know more information and hear about additional benefits then please feel free to contact us to see what you individually or as a company can achieve.

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