Called out to a garage where a long distance driver was having issues with the management system on his DAF TRUCK XF he was reporting limited and restricted performance and was unable to pull any load due to mechanical and electrical issues. As you will know these trucks are the backbone of any country and need to be repaired and back on the road as fast as possible to keep goods and services running efficiently. 

We called out diagnosing the issues and faults with the additive system and found that the reductant system/Adblu was not delivering the solution and the trucks control unit was picking up on excess noxious output so put the vehicle in to limp mode restricted performance. He also had additional issues with intake system and recirculation system. We went on to test the circuitry and continuity on power supply to find there was a voltage spike causing the system to throw up the errors. We pin pointed the electrical issue and replace a section of the power supply thus giving us supply to additive once again. The recirculation system was just a case of excess carbonisation which is a very common occurrence in diesel vehicles. We then removed the system and cleansed it with out special solution and did a further health check on all other parts. After resetting the diagnostics issues after the repair we then carried out a custom tune on the vehicles engine control unit giving the driver more power and more torque aswell as more fuel efficiency. As you probably know we repair a lot of commercial trucks vans cars marine and have many years experience not only as a tuner and modifier but also years of experience actually rebuilding engine systems and transmissions. 

@dynogenremapping we offer all services for all types of vehicles engine powered if you have any questions or would like to see what your unlockable power is then contact us via the website or on Facebook or alternatively telephone ☎️ 07946887887

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