Audi A4 TDI 140BHP 2.0 S-Line Remapped now 180bhp stage 1 derestricted and de limited

Here we had a customer suffering from a bad idle (erratic) fluctuation between 800rpm and 2000rpm how ever there was no engine management light illuminated to indicate an electrical issue or failure and there was also a loss of power under acceleration (load). we then decided to start with inspection of the (EGR) exhaust gas recirculation as we know this is one of the most common points of failure that would cause this type of behaviour and was to find that due to overfueling and and a bad burn ratio (AFR) the usual internal carbon build up had become that excessive it actually stopped the EGR solonoid from fully closing which caused these issues not to mention low (mpg) mileage per gallon return due to the excessive production of unspent fuel cells passing through the system.

We continued and applied decarbonisation cleaning solution to the fueling mixture and manually cleaning the solonoid in the (EGR)      System And also a recalibration of angle 0* after replacing it with a new gasket. 

We also serviced the vehicle and replaced the oils and filters and carried out a pre health inspection before then editing the engines control unit (ECU) (CUSTOM) to make increases to the fueling and air intake system aswell as additional torque values and advancements resulting in more efficient motoring and a higher than factory output not only in (MPG) but also more (BHP) break horse power and a higher torque conversion (TRQ) 

As a result the customer was more than happy with our fast service and has now returned with 2 additional cars to be done also our excellent prices and impecable service that our feedback and reviews reflect on our pride and enjoyment in what we do. 

We cater for all remapping services from high end power tuning and data logging to your basic engine management recalibration and diagnostics. 

If you would like any information or want to find out what power is available on your car then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 
Our aim is to keep you happy and your vehicle running optimum. 

You can contact us on www.facebook.co.uk/dynogenremapping 

Or search us on www.google.co.uk and type in dynogen remapping 

TELEPHONE : 07946887887 for bookings. 

Please allow up to two hours from appointment times not all vehicle maps are the same and some ecus need to be removed from the vehicle. We use CMD MASTER TOOLS and can remap through a majority of vehicles obd port including TRICORE ecus. All vw, Audi, skoda, seat 1.6tdi will need ecu removal for unlocking purposes.

We are based in bolton near Manchester and we also offer a mobile service for those that are stuck in work and still need repair diagnostics or maintenance. 

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