Ultimate Machine In for modification and power tuning 🏎🏎🏎🏎

As you know here at DYNOGEN REMAPPING We upgrade update and modify the high end vehicles as well as your every day driver. 

Here we had our customer bring his Audi s8 bi turbo in to us. he loved the standard power but was looking for that edge over the E63 amg that his mate owned 👀 who was we to argue. With the already awesome machine we went about modifying the intake restrictions as well as the exhaust output so we could achiever a higher (AFR) air fuel ratio. As you may or may not know this vehicle leaves the factory at an amazing 512bhp and pulls like a train powered by nitrous but we knew there was room for big improvements. 

We set out to collect some live data logging and to check how the vehicle was running and for any negative flat spots and spikes. 

We then started to make our increases custom and specific to the weak areas that the Audi engineers had missed 👀📊 by doing this and removing the restrictions we managed to gain 112bhp additional power so the end out put was then 624bhp and 582lb ft torque. 

In addition to this we updated the already excellent mechatronic gearbox ecu and managed to reduce gear change by around 0.47 overall you might not think that’s a big time save how ever on a lightning shift in a gearbox designed for formula 1 it made the change almost unnoticeable even at full load. 

We also fitted twin sports catalytic converters and k and n induction kit. In addition to this we also updated the ecu software and body control modules to the 2017 software. 

We offer all vehicle services for all vehicles including trucks and agricultural, vans, cars from your power tuning to your eco efficiency mapping we offer. 

We also offer other vehicle services from servicing to parts fitting and upgrades. 

For any information or to see what unlockable potential your vehicle has feel free to contact us either via our website or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dynogenremapping 

Telephone; 07946 887 887 

We are based the the u.k north west area just outside Manchester. 

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